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March 2018

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Goldschmidt2018 abstract deadline: 30 March


Goldschmidt2018 The abstract deadline for Goldschmidt2018 is just around the corner! Abstracts can be submitted online until 23:59 EST, 30 March 2018.

Click here for the abstract preparation tutorial
Click here for the abstract submission tutorial
Click here for the conference program

Goldschmidt2018 is Family Friendly!


Goldschmidt family friendly Boston is a beautiful city full of historical and cultural attractions. If your family is accompanying you to Goldschmidt2018, the conference warmly welcomes them. New this year, child care is available for the children of delegates (reservations required to guarantee space). Learn more

Goldschmidt 2018 student and early career grants


Early Career

Extra money to cover needs based grants has been made available. There are now three categories of needs based grant. See full details on the Grants page.
Application deadline: 30 March.
Please circulate these details to anyone you think might be eligible to apply.

Simon Poulton named 2018 Berner Lecturer


SPoulton The GS and EAG are pleased to announce that Prof. Simon Poulton (University of Leeds, UK) will present the 2018 Robert Berner Lecture at the Goldschmidt2018 conference in Boston. Prof. Poulton was originally trained as a geologist, and his research focuses on geochemical and biogeochemical processes in modern sediments and waters, with a view to applying this understanding to ancient environments. Details of the lecture will be available in April.


 Future Goldschmidt Conferences

Goldschmidt2021: 4-9 July in Lyon, France


Lyon To follow what are sure to be exciting meetings in Boston (2018), Barcelona (2019) and Hawaii (2020), the European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society are delighted to announce that the 2021 Goldschmidt Conference will take place from 4-9 July in Lyon, France.

Lyon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for being the “world capital of gastronomy” and for its historical and architectural landmarks. Lyon is ideally located, only a couple hours away from the Alps, the French Riviera, and Paris by bullet train.
Mark your calendar for another Goldschmidt conference in an exceptional location!

See dates of future Goldschmidt conferences


 Society News

Changes in Geochemical Perspectives Letters Editorial Board


Geochemical Perspectives Letters was launched in 2015 thanks to the energy and efforts of 6 founding editors who believed in and supported the creation of a new society owned journal, aiming to publish high quality science, freely accessible to all, and without the involvement of any for profit publishing house. Susan Stipp and Bruce Watson were part of this initial team and as they now move on, we warmly thank them for their dedication, time and support.

The board is very grateful and excited to welcome four new prestigious scientists, Karim Benzerara (University Pierre et Marie Curie and CNRS), Cin-Ty Lee (Rice University), Horst Marschall (University of Frankfurt) and Satish Myneni (Princeton University). Read more


Distinguished Lecture Program 2018


Jim McQuaid We are pleased to announce that Dr. Jim McQuaid (University of Leeds) has been selected as the EAG 2018 Distinguished Lecturer.

Dr. McQuaid's research is primarily focused upon observations of the composition of both gas phase and aerosol species in the atmosphere, and an exciting series of lectures on these themes has been proposed for the 2018 Distinguished Lecture Tour. See more details.

If your institution is based in Central or Eastern Europe and you wish to invite Dr. McQuaid to present one or two lectures, please contact Marie-Aude Hulshoff at the EAG office.

Going to EGU2018?


EGU If you are attending the EGU2018 General Assembly in Vienna next month, be sure to check out the various EAG co-organised sessions that are in the programme! EAG is proud to be once again co-organising sessions across a range of themes, including Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology and Volcanology, Biogeosciences, and Educational and Outreach Symposia. Create your personal EGU programme using the online tool available here.

March for Science 2018


March The 2018 March for Science will take place on 14 April. Now in its second year, the movement aims to unite people from all horizons who support and value scientific research and evidence-based policies.

More than 175 satellite events around the world have already registered to participate in the 2018 event, including all the major cities in Europe so you can easily find a March near you. Should you wish to march under the EAG banner, download and print vector images in any desired size.


 Important Dates and Deadlines

Goldschmidt2018 and EAG deadlines

30 March: Goldschmidt2018 Abstract deadline + Grant application deadline + Student Helper application deadline

1 May: EAG Student Sponsorship application deadline

1 June: Early Career Science Ambassadors application deadline

13 June: Goldschmidt2018 Early Registration deadline + Field Trips deadline

12-17 August: Goldschmidt2018 Conference

Other geochemistry related event deadlines

22 March: 80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2018 early registration deadline

28 March: TRR 170 Summer School “Origin of the Earth-Moon System” applications deadline

31 March: 6th Conjugate Margins Conference abstract deadline

13 April: Joint GTC-NTS Course on the Fundamentals of Geological Disposal registration deadline

13 April: IMA2018: XXII General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association early registration deadline

30 April: ICHMET2018: 19th International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment early registration deadline


 New in Geochemical Perspectives Letters

The xenon isotopic signature of the mantle beneath Massif Central


The origin of the Central European Volcanic Province, which includes the Massif Central and the Eifel regions, is currently debated. Several different causes have been proposed to account for the volcanism observed in the area. Read more

Diffusive fractionation of Li isotopes in wet, highly silicic melts


The discovery of large lithium isotopic gradients in geologic media has motivated recent work examining the kinetic fractionation of Li isotopes in silicate materials. Here, piston-cylinder experiments were used... Read more

Oxygen minimum zones in the early Cambrian ocean


The relationship between the evolution of early animal communities and oceanic oxygen levels remains unclear. In particular, uncertainty persists in reconstructions of redox conditions... Read more

Comment & Reply on Letter by Ballhaus et al.


Comment by Griffin et al. on “Ultra-high pressure and ultra-reduced minerals in ophiolites may form by lightning strikes”.
Reply by Ballhaus et al.


 EAG Blogosphere

An Ocean of Science


OSM [By Sebastiaan van de Velde]

Every two years, the American Geophysical Union, The American Association for Limnology and Oceanography and The Oceanographic Society join forces to organize the ‘Ocean Sciences Meeting’ in an effort to gather all marine scientists in a very interdisciplinary meeting. Read more

Working in Mineral Exploration: a guide


Mining [By Oakley Turner]

In the final throws of an undergraduate degree there are commonly two concerns: firstly, the cramming of knowledge to ensure the exam results guarantee the best overall grade and secondly lining up what to do afterwards. Read more


 Job Opportunities

Internships, MSc and PhD positions

PositionEmployerApplication deadline
Type: PhD Position
PhD position in eco-hydrology (Hydrological constraints on Rare Earth Elements dynamics in the regolith-plant continuum) 
LIST, Luxembourg
17 Nov or until position is filled
Type: PhD Position
Two PhD Positions at the University of Waterloo: Winter Soil Processes in Transition - A research project to advance the process-based understanding of the function of soil biogeochemical processes in cold region 
University of Waterloo, Canada
31 Mar or until position is filled
Type: PhD Position
PhD Positions in Microbial Ecology and Sediment Biogeochemistry of Freshwater Systems 
University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
18 Apr
Type: PhD Position
PhD Project in Geomicrobiology & Biogeochemistry - Arsenic removal by drinking water filters in Hanoi, Vietnam 
Geomicrobiology Group, University of Tuebingen, Germany
30 Apr
Type: PhD Position
Diffusion and adsorption of nutrients in clayey matrices  
Institut of Chemistry of Media and Materials of Poitiers (IC2MP) - a multidisciplinary research institute in Chemistry and Geosciences of surface, France
26 Apr
Type: PhD Position
Dating iron duricrusts in central Amazonia, Brazil: relation with paleoclimate change 
GEOPS (University Paris Sud) and Institut de Mineralogie, de Physique des Materiaux et de Cosmochimie (UMR CNRS 7590, Sorbonne University, Paris), France
01 Oct or until position is filled
Type: PhD Position
PhD position in Stable Isotope Geochemistry - Experimental Study of Copper Isotope Fractionation in Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems 
K.G. Jebsen Centre for Deep Sea Research and the Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen, Norway
16 May

PostDoctoral positions and Fellowships

PositionEmployerApplication deadline
Type: Research Associate
Two Postdoctoral positions in Biogeochemical and Ecosystem Modeling 
Global Water Futures Program, Ecohydrology Research Group, University of Waterloo, Canada
until the position is filled
Type: Research Associate
Research Assistant in Applied Geochemistry (Low-Temperature Fluid / Mineral-Interaction) 
Applied Geochemistry Group, Institute of Applied Geosciences, Technische University Berlin, Germany
until the position is filled
Type: Research Associate
If you are interested in studying how mineral phases nucleate and grow using in situ and time resolved scattering / diffraction / spectroscopy or imaging techniques then we want you in our team. 
Interface Geochemistry Section, German Research Centre for Geosciences Potsdam, Germany
01 May or until position is filled
Type: Research Associate
Research Fellow in Geomicrobiology and Biogeochemistry 
University of Leeds, School of Earth and Environment, United Kingdom
30 Apr
Type: Research Associate
Research Fellow in Biogeochemical Modelling 
University of Leeds, School of Earth and Environment, United Kingdom
30 Apr
Type: Research Associate
Postdoctoral position in Isotope Biogeochemistry / Environmental Science 
Czech Geological Survey, Prague, Czech Republic
until the position is filled
Type: Research Associate
Research Assistant in Isotope Geochemistry 
Isotope Geochemistry, University of Tuebingen, Germany
until the position is filled
Type: Research Associate
Research Associate (PostDoc) (m/f) in Geo-Bio-Interfaces 
Interface Geochemistry Section, German Research Centre for Geosciences, Potsdam, Germany
01 May or until position is filled
Type: Research Associate
Research Associate (PostDoc) in Cryo-Microbiology (m/f) 
Interface Geochemistry Section, German Research Centre for Geosciences, Potsdam, Germany
20 Apr or until position is filled
Type: Research Associate
Assists research scientists and other research associates in the organizing, and conducting of advanced testing of gem materials. Interprets gemological and spectroscopic analysis results, and contributes to research projects, by performing the following duties. 
Gemological Institute of America (protects the public trust in gems and jewelry by providing the education, research, and standards), United States
15 Jun or until position is filled

Faculty, Technical and other positions

PositionEmployerApplication deadline
Type: Other
Position in Solid Earth Petrology / Geochemistry 
Department of Geological Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville, United States
until the position is filled
Type: Other
Tenured Full Professor Position in Astrobiology 
Institute for Planetary Materials (IPM), Okayama University, Misasa, Japan
23 Feb or until position is filled

 Geochemistry Making the News

Superconducting materials found in meteorites


Meteorites [Science] LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—Meteorites sometimes contain naturally occurring superconductors, materials that conduct... Read more

Secret of magmas that produce global treasures


magmas [ScienceDaily] Study reveals how chromitite layers form from magma that is mostly saturated by olivine. Read more

‘Fossil’ groundwater is not immune to modern-day pollution


Groundwater [ScienceNews] Groundwater that has lingered in Earth’s depths for more than 12,000 years is surprisingly vulnerable to modern pollution... Read more

Unique diamond impurities indicate water deep in Earth's mantle


diamond [ScienceDaily] A UNLV scientist has discovered the first direct evidence that fluid water pockets may exist as far as 500 miles deep into... Read more

In the deep ocean, these bacteria play a key role in trapping carbon


ocean bacteria [ScienceNews] A mysterious group of microbes may be controlling the fate of carbon in the dark depths of the world’s oceans. Read more

'Loneliest tree' records human epoch


BBC [BBC] It’s been dubbed "the loneliest tree on the planet" because of its remote location, but the Sitka spruce might represent... Read more


 EAG Partners

Video contest ON THE ROCKS!

The Italian Geological Society has organised “ON THE ROCKS” the first geological video contest for everybody. Participate with a creative, informal video, where you explain your research, passions or new ideas regarding the Earth, in only 180 seconds. Contributors can be scientists, passionate, students, professional multimedia storytellers.
Challenge yourself by entering ON THE ROCKS!

80th EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition: extended early registration

Join EAGE in Copenhagen (11-14 June) for the world's largest multi-disciplinary geoscience and engineering event- and take part in the conversations that will define the industry.

With an in-depth technical programme (boasting its highest ever number of submissions), short courses, workshops, field trips, a fantastic social programme, and capped off by an extensive exhibition, the EAGE Annual has something to offer everyone in the fields of geophysics, geology, geothermal energy, geochemistry, environment and geoscience-related applications.

The early registration deadline has been extended to 22 March 2018. Register at: www.eageannual2018.org. EAG members benefit from member rates.



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