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Latest issue of Geochemical Perspectives by Marilyn Fogel

New editors at Geochemical Perspectives Letters

The Geochemical Perspectives Letters editorial board are very pleased to welcome Anat Shahar (Carnegie Institution for Science) and Gavin Foster (University of Southampton) to the team.

‘Lab Corner’ on the EAG Blog: DIY for the field

In this next contribution to ‘Lab Corner’, microbiologists from the University of Oklahoma put together an ingenious gadget for homogenizing biological samples, and a glaciologist from Cardiff University repurposes a climbing frame for fieldwork in Greenland.

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The EAG endorses the Attarik Foundation

The EAG is proud to announce its endorsement of the Attarik Foundation for Meteoritics and Planetary Science, which aims at promoting the science of meteorites, planets and astronomy among researchers, students, teachers, public authorities and the general public, in particular in the Arab world and African continent countries. READ MORE

Sun, sand and speed dating in Belgium – ChemCYS 2020

[By Camille Gaulier] Welcome to Blankenberge! A famous Belgian seaside resort by the North Sea, meeting place of families and old people in summer, and of young chemists in wintertime for the renowned ChemCYS Conference. The 15th edition of the CHEMistry Conference for Young Scientists 2020 (ChemCYS 2020) took place… READ MORE

EAG Deadlines

1 September: EAG Student Sponsorship application deadline
1 October: EAG Early Career Science Ambassador application deadline

Recently published in Geochemical Perspectives Letters, Open Access EAG Publication

Hafnium isotopes in zircons document the gradual onset of mobile-lid tectonics
A.M. Bauer and J.R. Reimink, T. Chacko, B.J. Foley, S.B. Shirey, D.G. Pearson

Moderately volatile element behaviour at high temperature determined from nuclear detonation
J.M.D. Day, F. Moynier, P.A. Sossi, K. Wang, A.P. Meshik, O.V. Pravdivtseva, D.R. Pettit

Forty-year pollution history of microplastics in the largest marginal sea of the western Pacific
M. Chen, M. Du, A. Jin, S. Chen, S. Dasgupta, J. Li, H. Xu, K. Ta, X. Peng

Latest Geochemical Perspectives: ‘My Stable Isotope Journey in Biogeochemistry, Geoecology, and Astrobiology’

In this new Geochemical Perspectives, Marilyn Fogel describes her career in stable isotope biogeochemistry and ecology and how she has studied carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen isotopes as tracers for chemical and biological processes. She’s studied both modern, fossil, and astrobiological materials to understand how biogeochemical cycles have changed over time, in particular how humans might be shaping ecosystems around the globe. READ MORE

Geochemical Perspectives is an Open Access EAG publication.

Latest Elements: ‘Abiotic Hydrogen and Hydrocarbons in Planetary Lithospheres’

Molecular hydrogen (H2), methane, and hydrocarbons with an apparent abiotic origin have been observed in a variety of geologic settings, including serpentinized ultramafic rocks, submarine hydrothermal vents, and deep fractures within ancient cratons. Recent discoveries have reported the presence of hydrogen emanating from the icy crust of Saturn’s moon Enceladus, and methane in the atmosphere of Mars. Owing in large part to the utilization of hydrogen and methane… READ MORE